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Just interested...Do you addicted to my comic JIJ?! :XD: And too much waiting is killing you? 

98 deviants said Addicted Yeah, I'm waiting and checks your gallery everyday :cries:
62 deviants said No, Waiting it's ok for me :) I can wait so easy. :D
49 deviants said I don't like waiting for a new page, it's killing me, but I have no choice... :sniff:
27 deviants said SO MUCH ADDICTED, I don't know what I will be doing, when this comic will end :(


Oct 26, 2016
11:42 pm
Oct 26, 2016
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Oct 26, 2016
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Oct 26, 2016
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Oct 26, 2016
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Page 291:?

36 deviants said :rofl: :XD:
26 deviants said :XD::D

What arts you want to see from me in future, etc:?? or write your option in this poll^^ 

56 deviants said Sasuke Sakura
48 deviants said Itachi Izumi
30 deviants said Madara | Madara x Haruko

Hi Guys! Who want follow me , I am back again in Instagram xD (thanks) - 

31 deviants said .

You can check it out a NEW video of Just Innocent Joke! - Part-15 /3 -… 

37 deviants said :D

When did you started to read my comic Just Innocent Joke!?:? 

54 deviants said in 2015
39 deviants said From the first page in 2012
32 deviants said in 2014
29 deviants said in 2016
26 deviants said in 2013
22 deviants said didn't read yet



money commissions is open, who interested for pics, send me a note :) 

29 deviants said .

What you prefer or like in arts / comics, etc?:? 

119 deviants said Erotic (not shown everything but all understandable) :aww:
91 deviants said Hentai - porn (with all visible) :giggle:
58 deviants said Just warm romance, and nothing more except kisses... cause I'm embarrassed. ^^;


Page 291:??
36 deviants said :rofl: :XD:
26 deviants said :XD::D
Just Innocent Joke! - Page 291 by Lesya7
Just Innocent Joke! - Page 291

Bullet; BlueRU:

 РУССКИЙ перевод страницы  -…

Bullet; RedSP: SP:
Translation by: :iconsakurah-07: Thanks Hug BG: Translation by: qn4eto1234 

If you like my Art/comics/ -  Join me on facebook ^^ Facebook ->>

THERE is so much text - zoom in xDD :rofl: Ahahah xD I crack myself up :XD: ( XDD Smoke weed everyday) OMG... I'm crying :XD: This idea came to my head, and blow my mind. xD I was so eager to MAKE IT IN THE INSTANT, there is no offence, ( I hope) there is only fun. xD It was really Just for fun, it gives me a good mood to start my work week :XD: ! I make this crap. XD Oh and How could I forget about Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen SONG :venuspen::PineappleStare: + Apple Pencil  all world is talking about this 1 min. song . Ukraine - isn't exception :XD:  WHOO-HOO! Meet a Naruto's PPAP CREATIVITY :XD:  ahahah and this goat made my day too, I saw this funny video so long ago :rofl: 

 The same :facebook: Facebook style was with Karin and Sasuke before on the Pg. 232 :XD: -> Just Innocent Joke! - Page 232 by Lesya7

 NEW video :bulletred: I have already made a video on my YOUTUBE channel with THIRD  Part-15 /3 - so you can watch it now  -…

Bullet; RedAll pages in folder:->…

Bullet; RedCOVER…
Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-11 by Lesya7
Bullet; RedPages:…

Bullet; PinkCOVER
Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-12 by Lesya7
Bullet; Pink Pages: 159-189-here->…

Bullet; GreenCOVER Part-13:Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-13
Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-13 by Lesya7
Bullet; GreenPages: 190-222-here->…

Bullet; BlackCOVER…
Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-14 by Lesya7
Bullet; BlackPage-223-
:bulletred:Cover Part-15:Just Innocent joke! COVER: Part-15 'Refresh'
Just Innocent joke! COVER: Part-15 'Refresh' by Lesya7
:bulletred:Page-253-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 253
:bulletred:Page-254-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 254
:bulletred:Page-255-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 255
:bulletred:Page-256-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 256
:bulletred:Page-257-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 257
:bulletred:Page-258-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 258
:bulletred:Page-259-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 259
:bulletred:Page-260-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 260
:bulletred:Page-261-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 261
:bulletred:Page-262-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 262
:bulletred:Page-263-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 263
:bulletred:Page-264-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 264
:bulletred:Page-265-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 265
:bulletred:Page-266-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 266
:bulletred:Page-267-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 267
:bulletred:Page-268-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 268
:bulletred:Page-269-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 269
:bulletred:Page-270-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 270
:bulletred:Page-271-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 271
:bulletred:Page-272-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 272
:bulletred:Page-273-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 273
:bulletred:Page-274-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 274
:bulletred:Page-275-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 275
:bulletred:Page-276-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 276
:bulletred:Page-277-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 277
:bulletred:Page-278-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 278
:bulletred:Page-279-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 279
:bulletred:Page-280-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 280
:bulletred:Page-281-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 281
:bulletred:Page-282-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 282
:bulletred:Page-283-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 283
:bulletred:Page-284-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 284
:bulletred:Page-285-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 285
:bulletred:Page-286-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 286
:bulletred:Page-287-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 287
:bulletred:Page-288-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 288
:bulletred:Page-289-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 289
:bulletred:Page-290-Just Innocent Joke! - Page 290

:butterfly: (Butterfly)Story# 5-Just Innocent Joke!

Type of relationship: Bullet; RedHETEROBullet; Red

Written by: Lesya7 (me) 
Art by: Lesya7 (me)
Characters by: Kishimoto Masashi ©
Genre: drama, romance, action
Country: Tokyo, Japan

All rights reserved. Naruto characters by Masashi Kishimoto.©

Heart Pairings: Sasuke X Sakura, Naruto X Hinata, Madara x Haruko (OC), Itachi x Tomoko (OC), Hashirama x Mito, Obito x Rin...
Who don't like them - don't read this!!!
Don't use this without my PERMISSION!
Program: Gimp 2.6.12
What arts you want to see from me in future, etc:?? or write your option in this poll^^
56 deviants said Sasuke Sakura
48 deviants said Itachi Izumi
30 deviants said Madara | Madara x Haruko


Lesya Rei
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Motto:❤ You are made for life of your dreams.© [ Lesya Rei ] ❤

:bulletred:If you wanted to use my art / comics / etc. in videos, or posted on varied sites, ask me for a permission, before doing it! I hate when people doing this without my permission, and when they're delete my credits from my art, it's terribly annoying. :x So don't do it! Thanks.
:bulletblue:Если вы хотите использовать мои рисунки / комиксы / и т.п. в видео, или размещать на различных сайтах, спросите у меня разрешения, прежде чем делать это! Я ненавижу, когда люди удаляют, затирают, или обрезают запись авторства на арте, это ужасно раздражает. :x Так что не делайте этого! Спасибо.

I Speak Ukrainian Stamp by KorIvkaProud to be Ukrainian! by AtreJaneUkraine Stamp by l8ukraine sky stamp by ifyouplease
I Speak English by ClockworkStampsI Speak Russian by ClockworkStampsRussian Federation Stamp by l8I Speak English by ClockworkStamps
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:bulletred:Favorite color: Red
:bulletgreen:Favourite anime: Naruto Shippuden by sketchedmonkeyBrave 10 by rcolourDarker than black by Kamishu
:bulletpurple:Favourite character: Hidan - Stamp by metal-martyObito stamp by Lesya7Itachi Stamp II by CatherineHHMadara Fan stamp by tatis96
:bulletgreen:Favourite couples: :bulletorange:Obito x Rin :bulletpurple:Naruto x Hinata :bulletyellow:Naruto x Sasuke :bulletpink:Sasuke x Sakura :bulletblue:Kakuzu x Hidan :bulletred:Hidan x Konan:bulletblue:Madara x Hashirama:bulletblue::bulletred:Hashirama x Mito:bulletred:
:bulletpurple:Paint program: Gimp User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelPaint Tool SAI User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelAdobe Photoshop User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel
Naruto Shippuden by sketchedmonkeyJashinist Stamp by fivetailEvery Naruto Character Stamp by RandomTonsHidan - Stamp by metal-martyYoung Konan Stamp. by latedawns-xo+HIDAN+ by OTalkOStyxOStampOHinata Stamp by itz-CindyrellaStamp - HidaKaku by frostiousJashin Stamp by PainedRoseArt is a bang stamp by Heystea:thumb107980935:Konan x Hidan by Gilligan-StampsTObito stamp by PunkXgalObito Stamp by PornoweaselDeidara Stamp by uchiha-itachi111Obito x Rin stamp by Lesya7Naruto x Hinata stamp by Lesya7Obito stamp by Lesya7Akatuski :Stamp: by LauNachtyrItachi Stamp II by CatherineHH2012 TMNT stamp by CandleBellKawaii Raph Stamp by FanfareX3Raphael Stamp by NaruButt

Which your fav turtle from TMNT:?? and why? you can answer under poll, if you want :D

78 deviants said Raphael:bulletred:
57 deviants said Leonardo:bulletblue:
56 deviants said Michelangelo:bulletorange:
47 deviants said Donatello:bulletpurple:


You watches me because of: 

209 deviants said of all art :love:
91 deviants said of SasuSaku ^^
89 deviants said of Madara :la:
83 deviants said of Just Innocent Joke! :D
42 deviants said another reason (write in poll)


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If you use a tool, software or social web (or credit a character or company) I don't have the icon for, please tell me. 

If you want 16x16 icons, you can search in my gallery by using the media menu and adding ultramini to the name of the software/etc you are searching. If you want to search by my icons you use "by:linux-rules". There are currently 4 sizes: normal, mid (35x35, there are few of these yet), mini (21x21) and ultramini (16x16). 

More info. Here a link to suggest: New icons (To-do)

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Oh thank you :) Yeah I was searching for some icons, and you did great job to post them.
Thank you for the info :hug: I will use another icons when I will need^^
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